Management Team

Kristen Wild

President & CEO

Carlton Adams

Chief Operating Officer

Julie Mann

Chief Financial Officer

Trina Ragain

Chief Innovation Officer

Ellen Reed-Fox

Chief Development Officer

Jocelyn Fundoukos

Communications Manager

Brian Wieher

Director of Child & Family Nutrition

Kristen Frazier

Human Resource and Diversity Equity Inclusion Manager

Agency Relations

Jill Thompson

Agency Relations Manager

Deborah Vincent

Agency Relations Associate

Child & Family Nutrition

Lucia Burton

Child Nutrition Program Coordinator

Brooklyn Swyers

Child Nutrition Program Coordinator

Melissa Weissler

Manager of Child Nutrition Programs

Community Nutrition

Claire Conroy

Manager of Community Nutrition


Jane Calkins

Special Events Manager

Judy Coyman

Director of Annual Giving

Matt Kasate

Volunteer and Food Drive Manager

Erin Wright

Development Coordinator

Fresh Rx

Jelena Basara

Fresh Rx Care Manager

Ebony Conway

Fresh Rx Care Manager

Olivia Hoelker

Diabetes Specialist

Janae King

Fresh Rx Intake Specialist

Alyssa Kohne

Fresh Rx Care Manager

Brittany Rudy

Fresh Rx Community Chef

Nausha Russ

Fresh Rx Ambassador

Katie Simpson

Manager of Health Equity Initiatives

Brittney Stone

Manager of Clinical & Community Nutrition

Danielle Williams

Fresh Rx Food & Nutrition Specialist


Bridget Brooks

Front Office Administrator

Randy Carthans

Warehouse Associate

Ryan Dabsinchaikul

Facilities Manager

Darnell Grady


Terry McKinney

Warehouse Manager

Dave Wiederhold


Mike Youngstrom



Madison Eacret

Coordinator of Public Policy

Sarah Ritter

Manager of Public Policy

Lyndsey Wilbers-Cavender

Manager of Public Policy