Our Fresh Rx: Community Nutrition pilot is a community-based nutrition delivery program focused on seniors dealing with chronic health conditions and experiencing food insecurity. In this 12-month pilot partnership with GreaterHealth Pharmacy, OFS staff produces approximately 25 food boxes per week to be distributed throughout GreaterHealth’s St. Louis City and North County service area. The food is tailored to homebound seniors (ages 60+) receiving diabetes or hypertension medication through the pharmacy.

Fresh Food and Support

For Homebound Seniors (ages 60+)

Key program highlights include:

A Collaboration with Barnes-Jewish Foundation and GreaterHealth Pharmacy & Wellness

A unique partnership between a hunger-relief organization and a community health resource, pioneering new approaches to address food insecurity

Addressing food insecurity as a public health issue, with potential benefits for both individual health outcomes and broader community well-being

For more information, contact Joy.Ellis@OperationFoodSearch.org.