At Operation Food Search, we are working beyond immediate food assistance to address the root causes of hunger. We advocate for policies that strengthen families by increasing opportunities for them to put food on the table and live healthier lives.

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Our Policy Agenda

Food Is Medicine

Food insecurity is associated with poor health outcomes and higher health care costs. Through our Fresh Rx program, we are advancing innovative solutions that improve the value of health care in addition to increasing access to food, nutrition and health for families. Establishing that food is medicine will create a more equitable system of care for all Missourians.



We’re building an advocacy community of moms, referred to as Momvocates. Momvocates are champions for health and food safety net programs within Operation Food Search and the state of Missouri. Their powerful leadership is necessary as we reimagine a system that centers those most impacted and emphasizes equity.


WIC Innovation

WIC provides pregnant mothers, new parents and children the tools, knowledge and support to improve their health and nutrition. OFS is working to increase participation among eligible Missourians, especially young children. We are learning from WIC participants, retailers and providers to develop innovative solutions and create a program that works better for everyone.

State & Federal Advocacy

As the leading child and family nutrition organization in Missouri, OFS advocates for policies that address the root causes of hunger and strengthen families in our state.  Our goal is to create a robust and equitable health and food safety net system that increases opportunities for families to put food on the table and live healthier lives.

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School Breakfast

When children have the opportunity to eat breakfast at school each morning, they experience improved concentration, higher test scores and fewer trips to the school nurse. We’re working to grow the School Breakfast Program in Missouri by showcasing best practices from local schools and highlighting the latest research and trends.


Health & Nutrition Safety Net

Missourians should have access to food, economic resources, health care and other essentials when they need them. We support safety net programs like SNAP, WIC and Medicaid to build healthy families and strong communities. Our team provides up-to-date information to help Missourians understand and enroll in these vital programs.

Safety net programs have new flexibilities and processes during the pandemic. We’re publishing the latest updates to help Missourians access these vital health and nutrition programs. Learn more information on how to get help with our emergency response.

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Advocacy Twitter News

5 days ago
In a recent speech at the National Action Network Conference, Senator Cory Booker had strong words on the American Food System. He highlighted that we don't just have a #FoodInsecurity crisis, but a nutrition one as well. ofsfoodadvocate photo
6 days ago
A new bill being discussed in the statehouse would integrate some creative solutions to addressing the 100 food deserts in our state. Tax credits for establishing urban farms, for instance, empower communities to battle #FoodInsecurity. ofsfoodadvocate photo
7 days ago
This administration is acting to address the impacts of the pandemic up and down the national food supply chain. These federal investments should help to make the cost of nutritious foods more affordable for low-income families. #FoodInsecurity ofsfoodadvocate photo
2 weeks ago
There seems to be bipartisan momentum towards making meaningful legislative efforts to support child nutrition in the current Congress. The Child Nutrition Reauthorization, for instance, has a clear path this year. #FoodInsecurity ofsfoodadvocate photo
2 weeks ago
We still view higher education as a great path to economic mobility in this country. But we must do more to support the kids who relied on free lunches throughout their K-12 education once they land on college campuses. #FoodInsecurity ofsfoodadvocate photo
2 weeks ago
Biden is currently enacting the most progressive agenda on access to food assistance since the late 70s. The question that lingers is if he will make the programs long-lasting or if the aid will recede with the pandemic. #FoodInsecurity ofsfoodadvocate photo
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