What is Hunger H.A.C.K.?

The Hunger Action Class for Kids (HACK) is a tool to help kids understand more about the problem of hunger and what to do about it. We’ve created three videos with downloadable activity sheets below. You are welcome to use them in your class or group!


What Does Hunger H.A.C.K. Teach?

The Hunger HACK videos are each just a few minutes long. They are designed to give kids an understanding of three topics:

• The difference between hunger and food insecurity

• The importance of a healthy diet

• Simple ways to help people who may be hungry

Hunger H.A.C.K. Videos

#1 About Hunger

How big a problem is hunger in the United States?

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#2 Healthy and Delicious!

Some foods are better than others at helping you grow strong.

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#3 You Can Help Heal Hunger!

Collecting canned food is a great way to do good for others.

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