Tailored nutrition education services are offered free of charge to all our Community Food Partner Agencies. These educational services are created with the community in mind and feature food being distributed by OFS. If you are looking for something in particular, and it is not available here, please contact us!

Free Resources

Nutrition Nudges

A nutrition “nudge” is a small change to the environment where food is distributed, designed to make a healthy choice the easy choice.

Nutrition Nook

Download and print these materials to create a colorful display of nutrition education materials that is updated seasonally. Post in a client waiting room or reception area.

Social Media

Having an active social media presence may help reach a larger number of clients and spread positive nutrition messaging.


Clients are more likely to make use of healthy food options when they have access to recipes that show them how to prepare items with confidence.


Share this information with clients about how to cook, store and enjoy a wide variety of fresh produce.

Cooking Demos & Classes

OFS provides dynamic, fun cooking demonstrations to show clients how easy (and delicious) it is to prepare healthy food items.