As part of our mission to heal hunger, the OFS Nutrition Education Team teaches families how to cook delicious, nutrient-rich food on a budget. Through hands-on cooking classes, interactive grocery store tours, cooking demonstrations, nutrition presentations and other nutrition education outreach events, the OFS team addresses one of the root causes of food insecurity, now in a virtual format.

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Cooking with Carmen:

Each week, registered dietitian Carmen Berry shows viewers how to make tasty recipes, using ingredients most people have on-hand.

As OFS Manager of Nutrition Education, Carmen is responsible for leading OFS efforts to build the skills and knowledge that enable healthy eating habits.

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Frozen Fruit Kabobs
Delicious Smoothies
Marinated Tomato Salad
Hummus Wrap
Chickpeas Two Ways
Episode 13: Fuel Up with Oats for Breakfast
Episode 10: Lemon Tuna and White Bean Salad
Episode 12: Nutrition Ambassadors
Episode 9: Summer Sides
Episode 11: Grocery Tips and Tricks
Episode 8: Fresh Rx (Food as Medicine)

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