OFS & St. Louis City team up to rescue food

By February 15, 2023News

St. Louis CITY SC Unveils “Our CITY” Sustainability Initiative Which Includes CITYPARK Being a Zero Waste Stadium

CITYPARK, the home of St. Louis CITY SC, will open its inaugural season as a zero-waste stadium. All waste generated will either be reduced, reused, recycled or composted. CITY’s commitment to sustainability includes eliminating single-use consumer plastics, recycling and composting, comprehensive energy efficiency and water conservation initiatives, and partnering with food donation programs. For the past three years, CITY has been building the “Our CITY” sustainability program which calls upon CITY’s suppliers, partners, fans, and staff to reduce landfill waste, conserve resources, and to measure and report key sustainability operating metrics.

CITYPARK also hosts a compost sorting and collection center on its pitch level to help capture food and biodegradable waste onsite. Operation Food Search, a local non-profit organization, will work with Levy to recover prepared but uneaten food from restaurant partners after matches and events for food bank distribution centers serving the St. Louis region. Read more.

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