How to help others:

Now more than ever, families are relying on OFS during this time of great need. . . and we are relying on you for support!

With events being cancelled and businesses telecommuting, food donations have taken a dramatic downturn. Grocery donations have dropped as shelves are depleted. We’ve lost over 75,000 pounds of food donations this month alone—that’s enough to feed 19,000 people for one day. We need your help so that we can continue to provide food and services to more than 200,000 people every month!

We leverage our donations from food partners so that every $1 donated provides $10 in food and services. That means as little as $10 feeds a neighbor in need for 10 days! Donate Now.
Our Change Maker App enables you to make micro-donations that add up to a huge impact. The simple setup allows you to donate your change on any purchase, just like rounding up at the register. You control the limit to as little as $5 per month. If you consider $5 feeds someone for five days, a few cents can change a life.

Non-perishable food and household supplies can be dropped off in the outside bin at OFS, 1644 Lotsie Blvd., Overland, MO 63132 at any time of the day or night (please, no glass). Click here for our list of MOST NEEDED ITEMS.

We highly encourage using the virtual food and fund drive model to enable individuals to donate through a form customized for each company, group or organization. Contact Judy.Coyman@OperationFoodSearch.Org.

Though we cannot safely accommodate volunteers at our warehouse currently, we sincerely hope you will channel your passion for this work into serving as an OFS Ambassador. Share our message on social media and via email. We’d love you to enlist any kids at home in writing or drawing Hope Notes for us to post on social media. We will have specific volunteer needs as time goes on; please email to be alerted about volunteer opportunities.

Just added: Take our Virtual Volunteer Challenge! Learn more here.

Spread the word to friends about how they can support our work! Follow us for updates:

Your donations make a big impact!