OFS Community Food Partner Agencies follow the policies and procedures outlined in our Agency Manual. The manual contains everything you need to know as one of our agency partners. Click the button to view and download. Scroll down for OFS Warehouse Procedures.

This is a working, industrial warehouse with large machinery in use. Please note our warehouse procedures and inform any new drivers about the rules or distribution before they come. Please do not send a new driver without details of the process.

COVID-19 Warehouse Procedures:

  1. Please do not enter the building.
  2. Have your agency driver sign-in before taking any carts.
  3. Each agency will receive a cold cart and dry cart. Extra bread is available upon request (if available).
  4. Leave any unwanted items on the cart and offer to another agency present or return it to the warehouse. Please return all empty carts to warehouse.
  5. Please wear a mask at all times. We have masks, gloves and hand sanitizer available by the sign-in sheet.

Warehouse Procedures

  1. Agencies must have a truck or a SUV for distribution. A car is not an acceptable vehicle for distribution.
  2. Pick up ONLY on your pre-determined day and time.
  3. All agency drivers should be wearing a valid Operation Food Search badge.
  4. Do not arrive early for distribution.
  5. The parking lot and procedure is designed to eliminate backing up. Please follow the procedure as explained. If you have questions, please call ahead of time to make sure you know what to do.
  6. Missed distribution times cannot be made up.
  7. Vehicle must be clean to pick up food product. Dirty vehicles can contaminate donated food items.
  8. Send two able bodied people to load the vehicle. Volunteers are not a guarantee. The agency representative must be able to load the vehicles quickly.
  9. Children under 16 are not allowed to assist in the warehouse. This is for safety concerns. Dogs or other animals should not be in the vehicle used to pick up food donations.
  10. All people entering the warehouse need to be dressed appropriately. Clothes and hands must be clean. Flip-flops, house-shoes, and other open toed shoes are not allowed due to safety concerns.
  11. ALWAYS bring your coolers for the perishable pick-ups during the summer months (May 1st-September 30th).
  12. The nature of this business is, some pick ups will be worth it and other pick ups won’t be worth it. We will do the best we can to get as much food as possible, but it is not a guarantee.
  13. Please notify staff of any concerns, not warehouse volunteers.
  14. Comply with any additional directives given by Operation Food Search Staff.
  15. Everyone needs to their part to keep the warehouse and parking lot clean. Do not leave extra paper or other trash items on the ground. Place those items in the nearest trash or recycling bin.
Download Warehouse Procedures