Executive Director

Kristen Wild

Executive Director

Hunger is a complicated problem. But, it is solvable.  Everyday, OFS and our community partners find practical and effective ways to surround food-insecure families with healthy food where they live, work, learn and play. Our efforts to expand depend on the support of the St. Louis bi-state region.  Help us heal hunger and strengthen our future.

Senior Leadership

Lucinda Perry

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Trina Ragain

Director of Policy & Innovation

Ellen Reed-Fox

Director of Development

Brian Wieher

Director of Child & Family Nutrition

Agency Relations & Operations

Steve Baer

Operations Manager

Jack Baran

Food Donations Relationship Manager

Bridget Brooks

Front Office Administrator

Randy Carthans


Angel Cosey

Warehouse Associate

Kristen Frazier

Human Resource and Diversity Equity Inclusion (DEI) Manager

Darnell Grady

Warehouse Assistant

Terry McKinney

Warehouse Manager

Jill Thompson

Agency Relations Manager

Deborah Vincent

Agency Relations Associate

Mike Youngstrom

Warehouse Associate

Child & Family Nutrition

Brooklyn Abbott

Child Nutrition Program Coordinator

Carmen Berry

Manager, Nutrition Ed. Programs

Lucia Burton

Child Nutrition Program Coordinator

Claire Conroy

Nutrition Ed. Program Coordinator

Kallie Galati

Nutrition Ed. Program Coordinator

Melissa Weissler

Manager, Child Nutrition Programs

Policy & Innovation Programs

Jennie Oberkrom

Manager of Clinical Integration

Sarah Ritter

Manager of Public Policy

Brittany Rudy

Fresh Rx Community Chef

Nausha Russ

Fresh Rx Ambassador

Katie Simpson

Fresh Rx Community Resource Coordinator

Brittney Stone

Mgr. Clinical & Community Nutrition

Jade Umberger

Fresh Rx Food Systems Associate

Lyndsey Wilbers-Cavender

Manager of Public Policy

Development & Communications

Judy Coyman

Director of Community Relations

Jocelyn Fundoukos

Communications Manager

Katie Shay Schneider

Development and Volunteer Manager

Erin Wright

Development Coordinator


Julie Mann

Director of Finance

For every dollar donated by individuals,
corporations, foundations and organizations, we provide…
$21 worth of food and nutrition services to support the hungry.

HELP OUR NEIGHBORS IN NEED:   314-726-5355 | 1644 Lotsie Boulevard | Saint Louis, Missouri 63132