Hunger After The Bell Rings

Many kids approach the end of the school day not knowing when they’ll receive their next meal

Nutritious Super Snacks to fuel the minds and bodies of children so they can be successful for the rest of the day

These Super Snacks provided by the Afterschool program are healthy grab and go light meals that include a fruit, vegetable, protein, dairy and whole grain to ensure children receive a well-balanced meal.

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How The Program Helps Reach More Kids

A vital source of support

Afterschool nutrition programs are a vital source of support for kids and teens, low-income families, and afterschool enrichment programs. However, far too few children struggling with hunger have access to an afterschool meal: for every 100 free or reduced-price school lunches served to kids in need, there were less than five afterschool meals served in fiscal year 2016.*

Many barriers to kids receiving the nutrition they need after the bell rings, stems from lack of information and streamlined processes for schools and other organizations to reach more children.

The OFS Afterschool meals program was built to aid qualifying organizations and make it easy to receive and distribute nutritious meals to kids in need.

*Information and statistics from

How The Program Helps Schools & Organizations

While some afterschool programs already feed students using their own funds, participation in the OFS Afterschool Meals Program provides many benefits: Organizations can use the money saved for additional programming or staff, conducting outreach, or improving meal quality. Additionally, programs that have added meals report an increase in attendance and improvements in student behavior.

The nutritious meals help kids stay focused and active through the afternoon and into the evening.

Interested In Receiving Afterschool Meals?

Review The Requirements And Fill Out An Application

If you answer “yes” to the items below, please fill out the application to apply!

  • Do you provide school-aged children with enrichment programming outside of school hours?
  • Are you located in an area where the majority of students at the local school receive free or reduced meal benefits?
  • Are you a non-profit with proof of 501c3 status?
  • Do you have at least 30 children in attendance every day?
  • Do you have refrigeration for at least 2 days worth of meals?
  • Will you attend annual training at OFS?
  • Will you maintain daily compliance paperwork?
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