An Exceptional Way to Celebrate and Honor Those Special to Us

What better way to pay tribute to a loved one or recognize a friend or colleague than by proving food to children and families in need? Operation Food Search will immediately put your donation to work solving the very real problem of hunger in our community.

In addition to the receipt you receive, the individual or family of the person you are honoring will receive a personalized letter from us, notifying them of the gift you made in their name. All gifts of $50 or more will be posted quarterly on our Memorials and Tributes web page below.

Whether celebrating a birthday or honoring the legacy of a loved one, a Memorial or Tribute Gift is one that gives twice!

In Honor Of

Tribute gifts of over $50 made between Aug. 4 and Nov. 30, 2020.

Lydia and Brian Adler
Ari Cotler

All First Responders Helping Flood & Hurricane Victims
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

All Frontline Medical Workers
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

All Those Fighting Fires in the West
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

All Those on the Front Lines of the Fight Against the Pandemic
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

All Those on the Southern Coast Recovering from Storms
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

All Those Recovering from Gulf Coast Storms
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

All Who Are Helping to Feed those in Need
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Eric Barton
Kenneth Obrecht

Janet Barzoff
Jeanne Speroulias and Terry Daniels

Toby Benis

Jane Bond
Martha Bond

Tim Burke
Thomas and Ann Frawley

Kay Calcaterra-Hoelting
Rebecca Morris

Kathryn Cox
David and Brooke Atkinson

Gerard Craft
Dotty Kemper

Susan Dean Dee
Daniel and Gloria Kweskin

Gregory Doll
Cathy Marek

Robert and Jane Dunn
Maureen Dunn

Essential Workers for Graphic Packaging International, Pacific MO
Alissa Krueger, Graphic Packaging International

Friends and Neighbors at Mill Crossing Condominiums
Bonnie Meltzer

Glenn’s Birthday
Julie Hartell-Denardo

Tom and Cathy Glosier
Betsy Kaplan Cytron, Kaplan Development

Sergio Leyva

Cynthia Greif
Kristen Greif

Eric Hahn
Peter Holtz

Honoring Those Who Put Up the Good Fight Every Day
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Regina Ihrke
Lauren Remspecher,
St. Louis Area Business Health Coalition

Kim Lozano
Victoria Iturri

Georgia Martin
Sarah Gerding

Elizabeth McKay
Sarah Gerding

Charlie and Jane Merrill
Albert J.Mitchell, Bayer

My Beautiful, Healthy Family
Annie Mayrose, Millipore Sigma

My Friends at Centric Consulting
Paul Holway, Centric Consulting

Cindy Nichols
Barclay Nichols

Frank and Angela Niesen
Monica Keeline

Julie Notario
Margaret O’Meara

OFS Workers
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Peace Pantry
Linda M. Schroeder

Dr. Katie Plax
Sallie Phelps

Paul and Janet Porch
Ann Shields

Chelsea Shea
Lisa Molitor, Belli Fiori

Harry Sherrington
Charity Sherrington

Bob Sherron
Cindy Jansky, Hughes Leahy Karlovic Inc.

Kristen Silvestri
Lisa Molitor, Belli Fiori

Malorie Smith
Lisa Molitor, Belli Fiori

Dawn Volmert
Stacey Bender

Ginna Walsh
Sarah Gerding

Eddie Williams
Wendy Williams

In Memory Of

Memorial gifts of over $50 made between Aug. 4 and Nov. 30, 2020.

9/11 Never Forget
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Faith Adams
Donna Bickerstaff
Linda Cornford
Jim and Carol Miget
Wahl Family Gift Fund
Heather Wexler, RGA

Nancy Andren
Stephanie Black
Adrienne Flor
Randi Franklin
Donald and Lois Hartung

Steve Baker
Robert Bryant

Robert D. Bay
Donald Dorwart

Mabel Bruns
Gary Bruer

Edith Mae Bryant
Laura Bryant

Sister Marie Charlies Buford, C.S.J.
Eric Brimer

Keith and Edward Caragher
Gregory Caragher

Marjorie Sue Clines
Linda Conrad
Concord Church Connection Class
Linda Kraiberg

Sherri Gail Compton
Mary Hurst, Bayer

Betty Endicott
Kenneth Mock

Jeanne Epps
Sam and Ruth Cardinale
Michael Triplett
Mark Willett

Bernard Favara
Martha Schmitt

Mary Ann Gallagher
David and Ann VonAllmen

Joseph and Grace Ann Genin
Guy Genin

Leesa Goren
Thomas and Eleanor Jennings

Ray Grunzinger
Ann E. Kelly

Ruby Haney
Dorothy C. Wobbe

Gloria and Roland Herbst
Deborah Herbst

Helen B. Johnson
Gerald Johnson

John Kepler
Regina Hermann

Josephine Klein
Joanne Crider

Rep. John Lewis
Nancy Everett and Dennis Shea

Norma Linke
Ruth McMahon

Jean Marie Long
Susanne Pelikan

Katie Martin
Margaret Barnidge

Regina Dutkiewicz Maus
Barrett and Deborah Baebler

Helen Miano
Brian Kirchoff

Stacey Larkin Mitchell
James Aloisi
Theresa Beldner
Pam Boswell
Scott Bowen
Laura Bray
Larry Carver
Charles Cutellli
Jennifer Fischer, PWH Cheer Association
Kevin Floyd
John and Colleen Hartmann
Lisa Henn
Vicki Hutchens, Gateway Tree Care
Tara Jovcevski
Amy Joyce
Shelley Langmade
Sarah Lofink
Debra Maine
Keith and Diana Marty
Sean and Marsha McGraw
Jack Michaelian
Linda K. Mitchell
William Myer
Zaven Nalbandian
Lisa Smout
Kelly Tonkovic
Rhonda Volz
Tara Wentz
Bill Wright

Leontine Morris
William Rienstra
Boeing Company

Tom Nelsen
Alice Nelsen

Elisabeth Paven
Simina Florea, WWT

James Praprotnik
Mark Praprotnik

John Renner
Eleanor Mullin

Debra Robson
Sarah Siegel and Paul Stein

Carl Schiley
Jeff Mueller Boeing

Vicky Shimamoto
Molly Hunter, PS Kids, LLC

Jeffrey Spector
Jerry and Patty Padawer

Leo Stalzer
Donna Allman
Cindy Chapman, Boeing
Jeanne McMahon
Mary Rothstein
Joe Solari
Kathleen Stalzer