An Exceptional Way to Celebrate and Honor Those Special to Us

What better way to pay tribute to a loved one or recognize a friend or colleague than by proving food to children and families in need? Operation Food Search will immediately put your donation to work solving the very real problem of hunger in our community.

In addition to the receipt you receive, the individual or family of the person you are honoring will receive a personalized letter from us, notifying them of the gift you made in their name. All gifts of $50 or more will be posted quarterly on our Memorials and Tributes web page below.

Whether celebrating a birthday or honoring the legacy of a loved one, a Memorial or Tribute Gift is one that gives twice!

In Honor Of

Tribute gifts over $50 made between December 7, 2022, and March 6, 2023

BJH Blood Bank Staff
Brenda Grossman

Jane Bond
Martha Bond

Charles and Connie Bridges 
Nancy Bridges

Sarah Bridges and Gail Doell
Nancy Bridges

William and Karen Bridges
Nancy Bridges

Bridge Club Friends
Nancy Reed

Erin Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. James Nouss

Suzanne Brown & Daniel Juarez for Hanukkah
Nancy Powers

Reid Burkhard
Cindy Taylor

Julie Burst
Dan Burst

Jane Calkins
Sara Herstand Myers

Carol, Rory, and Lee
Walter and Janice Gorline

In Honor of  Ted Christner and Claudia Trautmann
Eric Christner & Kim Dunbar

Amanda Clark
Bryon Oster

Christine Cole
Patricia Callier

Fran Connelly
Jennifer Connelly-Bowen

Continuing to Honor All Those Helping in Turkey and Syria After the Quake
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Continuing to Honor Those in Ukraine Who Resist Russian Aggression
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Continuing to Honor Those Who are Helping the Ukrainians
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Kathryn Cox
Mr. and Mrs. David Wells

Pam and Curt Cross
Lesley Peters

Joan Daleo
Terry Crow

Betty Dowd, Roberta Abraham
Barbara Schrauner

Ellie’s Birthday
Gretchen Ross

Mary Elliott
Larson Financial Foundation – Paul Larson

The Elliott Family
Matt and Melissa Elliott

Patrick Ferguson
Susan Brown

Michelle and Brian Fiedler
Susan Bauer

The Goehler Family
Judith Underhill

Gordon and Roberta Goldman
Daniel Naert

Chris Guinther
William Davis

Caleb and Joanna Haydon
William Haydon

Holly Hermann & Jim Nolan
Michael & Rebecca Nolan

Honoring All Those Working to Help the Earthquake Victims in Turkey & Syria
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Honoring All Those Working to Help the Flood and Tornado Victims
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Honoring All Ukrainians Who Continue to Resist Russian Aggression
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Honoring Those that are Helping the Flood Victims in the West
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Hoping the Two Police Officers Shot in Soulard Gain a Full Recovery
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Ellen Howe
Jane Levdansky

Brian and Abby Katz
David Katz

Carolyn Kindle
World Wide Technology Foundation – Kim Vallero

Mimi Kramper

Tom and Marilyn Keeline
Tom and Monica Keeline

Debra & Jerry Korn’s Anniversary
Stephen Glickman

Julie Kraft
Ervin Kraft

Tom and Noreen Laffey
Michael and Susan Kahn

George Levine
Judy a& Bob Barenholtz

Judge Arthur Litz
Donald S. and Hedva Levy

Diane & Myron Lowry
Adam Lowry

Jack McGowan
Mr. Brian Bergfeld and Ms. Ritika Chand-Bergfeld

My Colleagues at Advertising Premium Sales Inc.
Dean and Lori Brown

Frank and Angela Niesen
Tom and Monica Keeline

Mark and Becky Niesen
Tom and Monica Keeline

Anne Nimnicht, Charles and Connie Bridges, Sarah Bridges and Gail Doell, William and Karen Bridges
Nancy Bridges

Mary & Bill Nipper
Michael & Rebecca Nolan

Anne Nolan
Michael & Rebecca Nolan

Ken and Karen Obrecht
Michelle Chapman

OFS’s stellar staff and volunteers
Mary Schoolman

Elizabeth Pajares and Will Condit
Sarah Condit

Msgr. Sal Polizzi
St. Roch School – Mrs. Karin Hiatt

Sydney Brentz

Rick & Cindy Prehn
Kristina Noory

Paul and Kellie Ray
Patricia Callier

The Reed Family
Sean Scott

Ellen Reed-Fox
Leah Callahan

Donna & Alan Rosenberg for Hanukkah
Nancy Powers

Mary Ann Rutkowski
Stephen and Jennifer Rutkowski

Jennifer Salpietro
Nancy Everett and Dennis Shea

Sunny Schaefer
Clemence S. Lieber Foundation, Inc. – Mary Schoolman

Sandy Schenck
Fraeda Kopman

John & Gayle Schoemehl
Kathleen Schoemehl

Julia Schwab
Cary and Dede Berg

Joanne & Dan Schwartz for Hanukkah
Nancy Powers

Diane Sher
Susan Block
David Garino
Marilyn Lange
Eulonda Nevels
Patricia Rich
Ron Wienstroer and Diane Compardo

Deb Slagle
Anonymous Friend

The St. Louis Urban Walkers Meetup Group
Joseph Lawler
Elizabeth Parker

Shout Out to All Those That Are Helping People Through This Cold
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Shout Out to OFS For All the Good Work You Do Throughout the Year
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Jennifer Silverman
Steven Nelson

Anna Thomas’ Birthday
Anonymous Friend

Tuesday Morning Christ Care Group
Lary and Mary Mohl

Katie Ubik
William Beck

The Guy at Uhaul
Nicole and Erik Venteris

Judy Underhill
Katherine Nepute

Hannah and Nick Urvan
David Katz

Rachel Uskokovich
Heather Wood

Becky Vasta
Nicole Vasta

Kristan Winslow
Theresa Kerkhoff

Wishing St. Louis SC Good Luck Tomorrow Night in the First Home Game Ever
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar


In Memory Of

Tribute gifts over $50 made between December 7, 2022, and March 6, 2023

Mary Lenore Baumann
Margaret Holyfield and Maurice Meslans

Jesse Brown
Jessie Lashley

Jeff Burton
Barclay Nichols

Keith E. Caragher
Gregory Caragher

Roger Dierberg
Keith and Holly Dierberg

John Stefan Gaal, Jr.
John Gaal

Ben and Dora Grote
Bob and Marilyn Powers

Ray Grunzinger
Ann Kelly

TIP & VA. Holyfield
Robert and Elizabeth Holyfield

Jerry Lindhorst
Michael and Dorothy Eagan
Judy Ruby

Rich LoRusso
Marguerite J. Varagona

Paul Messbarger
Rebecca Messbarger

Remembering Those Senselessly Killed at the Lunar New Year Celebration
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Susan Richardson
Richardson Family Charitable Fund – Friends

Brian Suffian
Robert & Carolyn Suffian

Thoughts and Prayers for the Families of All the Recent Earthquake Victims
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Paul Wojciechowski
Alan and Judy Schultz

Kenneth Yost
Cathleen Yost