An Exceptional Way to Celebrate and Honor Those Special to Us

What better way to pay tribute to a loved one or recognize a friend or colleague than by proving food to children and families in need? Operation Food Search will immediately put your donation to work solving the very real problem of hunger in our community.

In addition to the receipt you receive, the individual or family of the person you are honoring will receive a personalized letter from us, notifying them of the gift you made in their name. All gifts of $50 or more will be posted quarterly on our Memorials and Tributes web page below.

Whether celebrating a birthday or honoring the legacy of a loved one, a Memorial or Tribute Gift is one that gives twice!

In Honor Of

Tribute gifts over $50 made between June 7 and September 1, 2021.

All the Men and Women Who Fought in the Middle East. Finally Coming Home.
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

 All Those Who Got Vaccinated. Let’s Hope the Rest Will Go and Get Theirs.
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Jane Bond
Martha Bond

Beth Brand
Janice Burggrabe

Charity’s 94th Birthday
Harry and Charity Sherrington

Cheers To Jessica Wild Who Will Be Celebrating Her Highschool Graduation
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Chloe and Charlie
J. Kent and Candy Stallings

Continuing To Honor Those Fighting the Fires Out West. Stay Safe!
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Dedicated To All Those Who Continue to Help Find Hunger
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Deli Star
Judy Murphy

Pat Dougherty
William Siedhoff

Bob Harrison
Courtney Berg

Here’s To All Those Helping Those in Need. Whatever the Need.
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Honoring All Those Olympic Athletes Who Trained So Hard to Get There
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

In Honor of All the Graduating Seniors. On To the Next Chapter.
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Irina Trevor Jeremy Ben J Cory Angie
Steve Elfanbaum

Jack Villa’s 79th Birthday
Suzon Villa

Richard Jaworski
Joseph Lawler

Jim Lockhart
Lucas Lockhart

Gerri Mueller
Jeff Mueller

Bob Newmark
Erin Brooks

Once Again Honoring All the Firefighters Out West. Stay Safe!
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Dr. Jessica Pittman
Marie Batty

Dick and Pat Sabinson
Eleanor Mullin

Jill Thompson
Haley Calabro

Jack Wirt and Harper Himidian
Eleanor Mullin

In Memory Of

Memorial gifts over $50 made between June 7 and September 1, 2021.

Rick Beckett
The Beckett Family

Mark Chartrand
Michael and Sallie Herzog

Mattie Danzeisen
Dorothy Wobbe

Ray Grunzinger
Ann Kelly

Bill Hummert
Dallas and Megan Amsden
Aviston Lumber
Glenn Backs
Barry and Jean Brown
Coping 4 Kids
East-West Gateway
Marvin and Patricia Eversgerd
Richard and Constance Fangmeyer
Bernard and Linda Fuehne
Craig and Sarah Fuehne
and Judith Fuehne
Diane Huelsing
Ronald and Connie Lager
Steven and Charlotte Newbold
Mary Susan Tinnen
Susan Kay Von Burg
Mark and Denise Wellman

Giles Jensen
Mary Louise Brown

Tim Laingen
Michael and Sallie Herzog

Terry Reed
Nancy Reed

Mary C. Rogers
Donald Rogers

Bea and Eric Schneider
Elaine Ramsay

Ed Walters
Gary Carter

Richard Lee Beckett
Kristy Dale-Celeslie

Patricia Floerke
Mark Krapf

Mrs. Varalakshmi Jayaraman
Charanya Chandrasekaran

Victor Schmidt
Douglas Schmidt

Ward P. Schultz
Cullen K. Kuhn
Gary and Colleen Kuhn
Kathleen Mendez

John Slagle
Lisa Anderson
Scott Chase
Adrienne Dawson
Kelly Foster
Matthew Hyatt
Carlos Martinez
Doug McBain
Michelle Pfeiffer
Jim Quick
Robert Ringering
Scarlett and David Slaby
Deborah Spencer
Cindy Feldhaus

Hank Thill
United Ostomy Association of St. Louis

Mr. Umapathy
Phanindra Ambatipudi

Dedicating This to All Those Who Lost Their Lives in Afghanistan
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

In Memory Of the 12 Marines Who Died in Afghanistan Trying Help Others
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Michael Brown and George Floyd and Many More
Vivian Morch