An Exceptional Way to Celebrate and Honor Those Special to Us

What better way to pay tribute to a loved one or recognize a friend or colleague than by proving food to children and families in need? Operation Food Search will immediately put your donation to work solving the very real problem of hunger in our community.

In addition to the receipt you receive, the individual or family of the person you are honoring will receive a personalized letter from us, notifying them of the gift you made in their name. All gifts of $50 or more will be posted quarterly on our Memorials and Tributes web page below.

Whether celebrating a birthday or honoring the legacy of a loved one, a Memorial or Tribute Gift is one that gives twice!

In Honor Of

Tribute gifts over $50 made between December 2, 2021 and March 14, 2022

All the Ukrainian People and Their Supporters Who Are Pushing Back
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

All Those Who Spent the Last Several Days Trying to Keep the Roads Clear
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Tracy Berry
Tanda Williams and BJC HealthCare

K. Boniface
Helene Frankel and George Boniface

Bill and Karen Bridges
Nancy and Sarah Bridges

Charles and Connie Bridges
Nancy and Sarah Bridges

Brody Lab Members
Steven Brody

Bridget Brooks and the OFS Development Team
Donita Bauer and Jill Tompson

Kalya Bruce
Norma Brown

Laura Theresa Bryant
Linda Bryant

Buckingham Fixed Income Dept
Steve Akos and Steve Baird

Jane Calkins
Sarah Herstand Myers

Carlos´ Lab Members
Adriana Dusso

Amanda Clark
Bryon Oster

The Rev. Barbi Click
Ronald Freiwald

Dorothy Dottie Connell
Donald and Nancy Diemer

Fran Connelly
Jennifer Connelly-Bowen

Continuing To Honor the Ukrainian People, Who Are Fighting the Good Fight
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Pam and Curt Cross
Lesley Peters

Ann, Jim, Reilly, and Claire Dillon
Nancy Grove

Meagan Doty & Jena Hood
Connie Doty

Michelle and Brian Fielder
Susan Bauer

Jan Fitzgerald
Mary Lynn Brophy

Tim, Cathy, and Phoebe Gibbs
Norma Brown

Gingie, Sally, Ruth, and Marilyn
Nancy Reed

Noel Goding
John Loewenstein

Vincent Goebel
Gretchen Ross

Gordon and Roberta Goldman
Daniel Naert

Lauren Hadfield
Donald Shearin and Commerce Bank

Mark Hadfield
Donald Shearin and Commerce Bank

Happy Decade Birthdays
William Madosky and Madosky Chiropractic & Acupuncture Center

Honoring All the OFS Workers and Volunteers. Keep Up the Good Fight
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Honoring All Those at OFS Who Continue to Help Out During This Cold Weather
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Honoring All Those Helping the Storm Victims From 12/17/21
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Honoring All Those in Ukraine Standing Tough in the Face of the Russians
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Honoring All Those Who Were Out Salting and Plowing Yesterday. Thanks
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Honoring the Couple That Delivered Bread to Many of the Stranded Travelers
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Honoring the Olympic Athletes and All the Hard Work They Put to Get There
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Fran Horst
Jennifer Horst

Ellen Howe
Jane Levdansky

Bud Hurt
Hunter Engineering

Doug and Tammy Joy
Jacob Futhey

Katy and Family
John and Carol Weis

Tom and Marilyn Keeline
Tom and Monica Keeline

Victor Kovac
Victoria Iturri

Judi Kramer, Terri and John Mason, Bart and Debbie Ross, Jim and Mary Moog, Tom and Liz Moog, The Friedland Family, The Caplan Family, Susan Laduzinsky and Mike Prather, The Jaffe Family, The Rosen Family
Donna Moog

Melvyn L. Lefkowitz
Nancy Swoboda

Karen and Mont Levy Anniversary
Mont and Karen Levy

John and Katie Linstead
Nathaniel Dickey

Rich Lorusso
Carole and Dave Bartnett

Diane & Myron Lowry
Adam Lowry

Angie and Alyssa Mangan
Kathryn Palumbo

Ned & Linda Maniscalco
Ron and Donna Koska

Ron & Theresa Maniscalco
Ron and Donna Koska

Laura Margolis
David and Laura Margolis

Maria´s Christmas Party
Adriana Dusso

Hiram and Cheryl Martin
Burton and Sharon Wice

Jack and Blake McGowan
Brian Bergfeld and Ritika Chand-Bergfeld

Joan Meier
Ralph and Mary Pelikan

Moneta Fixed Income Dept
Stephen Akos and Stephen Baird

My Brother Andrew and His Partner Andy
Erik Nielsen, Mrs. Nielsen and World Wide Technology

Nathan, Simon & David
Maureen McDonnell and MM Designs Studio

Frank and Angela Niesen
Tom and Monica Keeline

Mark and Becky Niesen
Tom and Monica Keeline

Anne Nimnicht
Nancy and Sarah Bridges

Cindy O’Malley
Molly Matejcic

Abby, Bill, Alexandra, and Ted Olson
Norma Brown

Lesley Peters
Curtis and Pamela Cross

Allen, Becky, and Stephen Priest
Norma Brown

Manna Pro
Ryan Linneman

Tim and Barb Rand
Mary Kellog and Robert Powers

Helen and Larry Ralson
Keith and Teresa Roberts

Paul Roeder
Donald Shearin and Commerce Bank

Mary Ann Rutkowski
Stephen and Jennifer Rutkowski

Kat Schoemehl
Teresa Skojac

Mary Schoolman
Jeffrey and Sharon Rosenblum

Diane Sher
James and Marsha Clark
Steve and Mona Green
Ron Wienstroer and Diane Compardo

Nisha Shetty
Pawel Dyk

George Shrum
Dave and Nancy Busch

Dan & Judy Siegel
Craig Toberman

Cole Silverman
Elizabeth Bagby

Bob and Denise Svenconis
Carol Alexander

Tenants Of LGL Building
Larry and Judy Deutsch, LGL Building

Thanks To All the OFS Staff and Volunteers for Helping Others Through 2021
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Jill Thompson
F S Spoerle

Claudia Trautmann and Ted Christner
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Tuesday Morning Christ Care Group
Lary and Mary Mohl

Paula and Bob Warhoover
Ryan Warhoover

Davin and Mark Wenner
Carolyn Pratt

Wishing the Two St. Louis Pd Officers That Were Shot a Speedy Recovery
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

John Vilbig
Fred and Diane Vilbig

Vistage 810, Vistage 558, Vistage 9007
Arthur and Alison Bourey

In Memory Of

Memorial gifts over $50 made between December 2, 2021 and March 14, 2022

Gregory Browne Sr.
Christine Browne

Keith E. Caragher
Gregory Caragher and Centene

Betty Cathey
Jason Winchester

Robert Faust
Patricia Faust

Dora & Ben Grote
Bob and Marilyn Powers

Dr. Douglas Huff
Lynn Berry and Henry Clouse
Susan and Paul Buse
Douglas Dieterich and Tina Mongin-Dieterich
Karen Dieterich
Todd Hamilton and Image Eye Care
Judy Hart
Steven Huff
Deborah Kerber
John and Bonita Lang
Kim Lawson
Michael Nichols
Larry and Jean Snider
Terry and Laurie Werner

Peter Jensen
John and Amanda Morris

Betty Keough
Mary Ann Winkelmann

Jean Kohler
Janet Fales and Mary Martha Group

Janice Koizumi
Robin Hattori

Dennis Lamont
Dory Lamont

Ofelia Reza Leyva
Sergio Leyva

Sally Nelson
Keely Nelson

Tom O’Brien
Debbie Strobach and the Strobach Family

Paulette O’Donnell
Erin O`Donnell

In Memory of St. Louis Firefighter Benjamin Polson. Rip
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

Deborah Poslosky
David and Julie Pernikoff

Patrick F. Rice
Shirley Vanhorenbeeck

John J Sheahan
Jacqueline Archambault

Andy Stowe
Julie Plax

Andy Stor
Sally Barker

Henry (Hank) Thill
Kimberly Mumm

In Memory of Detective Antonio Valentine. Rip
Eric Christner and Kim Dunbar

William and Violette Wobbe
Dorothy Wobbe

Connie Wacker
Michael Alter and Fitz`s Bottling Company

Leonard Zimmerman
Kerry Zimmerman