People living in food-insecure households are 50% more likely to develop diabetes than those with food security. Food insecurity can also create barriers that prevent people with diabetes from appropriately managing the condition.

Fresh Food and Support

Helping kids grow healthier where they learn and play

Limited access to food and nutrition can make it difficult to eat the recommended diet that is high in protein, fruits, and vegetables and low in fat and carbohydrates. People experiencing food insecurity may also have limited resources making maintenance medications for diabetes unaffordable. Additionally, engaging in regular physical activity as recommended can be challenging given the stress associated with food insecurity and lack of safe recreational spaces.

These challenges lead people who have diabetes and are food insecure to utilize more health care services. In fact, children with diabetes in food-insecure households are hospitalized four times as often as those living in households with access to food and nutrition.

Fresh Rx: Prescribing Healthy Futures

Program Components

Fresh Rx: Prescribing Healthy Futures is a food prescription program that connects families with a child with diabetes to fresh, tasty food and family resources. Program components include:

Fresh Rx Family Meals

Meal kits are delivered each week featuring fresh, locally grown produce, protein, dairy and grains.

Family Support and Connection to Resources

Help identifying and meeting goals is offered through regular check-ins with an OFS social worker in addition to connections to other community resources.

Culinary and Cooking Support

Cooking classes, tutorials and problem solving help families build skills and comfort in the kitchen.

Diabetes Education and Information

Coordinated support with Diabetes Educators and Registered Dietitians provide education and resources to help families stay healthy for years to come.