Brian Wieher, SNS, CMP

Director of Child Nutrition Programs Email Brian | (314) 325-1294

Brian’s responsibilities at OFS encompass the direction of all Child & Family Nutrition programming.  These programs include the Nutrition Education classes, demonstrations and presentations, as well as, overseeing the USDA Summer Food Service Program, the After-School Meals program and our weekend assistance program called Operation Backpack. He has extensive background in project management, public relations, customer service, food service and nutritional requirements for K-12 schools.

Brian is an entrepreneur with a degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Administration from Missouri State University. He is an award-winning School Nutrition Specialist with 20+ years of experience in developing, implementing, and managing nutritional and other public health related programs. As a child nutrition advocate, he enjoys working collaboratively with organizations to develop relationships that will have the greatest impact on ending childhood hunger.

From Brian:

“People ask why I do this work. I tell them because it’s hard. It’s hard to know that families may have had an event in their lives causing them to lose resources or a source of income that may cause them to make hard decisions when it comes to food. It’s hard to know children in America, let alone the St. Louis region, go to bed hungry. It’s hard for me not to do something about it. I do the work because it is hard.”

In my spare time, I enjoy listening my son play the trumpet and watching my daughter dance.  I also enjoy camping, fishing and above all, I am a die-hard baseball fan.

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