Executive Director

Sunny Schaefer

Executive Director

We know that hunger is a complicated problem.  But, it is solvable.  Everyday, OFS and our community partners find practical and effective ways to surround food-insecure families with healthy food where they live, work, learn and play. Our efforts to expand depend on the support of the St. Louis bi-state region.  Help us heal hunger and strengthen our future.

Agency Relations & Operations

Craig Goldford

Director of Operations

Julia Fuller, MSW

Agency Relations Manager

Susan Jolley

Agency Relations Associate

Bridget Brooks

Dispatcher & Receptionist

Randy Carthans


Darnell Grady

Warehouse Assistant

Terry McKinney

Warehouse Manager

Community Engagement

Judy Coyman

Director of Community Relations

Trina Ragain

Director of Advocacy and Research

Nutrition Education

Mariella Funk

Director of Nutrition Education

Melissa Mobley

Operation Backpack

Kari Hartel, RD, LD

Program Coord – Cooking Matters

Danielle Cherry

Program Coordinator Cooking Matters

Rachel Carter

Cooking Matters AmeriCorps

Jessie Frank

Cooking Matters AmeriCorps

Child Nutrition Programs (SFSP & CACFP)

Brian Wieher

Director of Child Nutrition Programs

Alyssa Morrison

Program Coordinator

Development & Communications

Lucinda Perry

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Katie Shay Schneider

Volunteer Manager

Derek May

Development Manager


Steve Baer

Finance Associate

Julie Mann, CPA

Finance Manager