These Brownies Have Our Blessing

Can I feel good about giving my kids brownies? Well, it helps if they are made with fruit and packed with protein! This recipe for Raspberry Protein Brownies has fiber and calcium, and it’s free of saturated fat. It’s also egg-free and nut-free. And, most importantly, it’s delicious!

Remember that when getting nutrition into kids, it’s not all-or-nothing. Sweet treats can contain valuable vitamins and minerals when they are made with fruit. Berry consumption has been linked to decreased blood pressure, among many other benefits. Brownies can also be a great source of protein, when they are made with black beans!

As most parents know, every little bit counts when it comes to nutrition. If you’d like an easy way to get creative in the kitchen, try these brownies out on kids of all ages—even the grown-up kids in your family. You’re the only one who has to know how good it is for them!

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