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To achieve our vision of a hunger-free community, Operation Food Search builds partnerships across the public and private sectors. Everyone can play a role. We educate elected officials about the impact of food insecurity in their communities, and advocate for policy solutions that will put struggling families on the road to healthy, hunger-free lives.

Our public policy goals are based on our values and mission. Together, we are working to ensure that:

Exercise Your Voice!

Help us advocate for programs and policies that bring relief to individuals and families struggling to get by. Your voice can, and will, make a difference.

Operation Food Search engages help from our elected officials, the media, health and hunger coalitions, and individuals to help end hunger in the St. Louis bi-state region.

We address the issue of hunger in our community through a variety of sustainable food distribution, education and feeding programs.

We are at the forefront with nutrition education outreach to help people with limited means lead healthier, more vibrant lives!

We speak out on behalf of vulnerable children who don’t get enough to eat at home and whose health, academic performance and general well-being are threatened by hunger!

It takes more than food to fight hunger!

Learn more about how we are making sure No Kid Hungry is a reality in our community:

For every dollar donated by individuals, corporations, foundations, and organizations,
98 cents is devoted to programs and services.

We are operation food search

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January 4, 2018

Getting to the point

December 20, 2017

Thanks to paramedics who helped “Fill the Ambulance with Food”

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