The truth is…

That there is never enough food to meet the crushing need for emergency food supplies in our region. Food drives bring in quality “meal-maker” non-perishable food items that are in extremely high demand. Fund drives fuel our programs that improve nutrition for our most fragile kids. Every kid deserves a champion – will that be you?

How Can You Help?

Host a food & fund drive, start a workplace giving campaign, or create care kits!

Host A Food & Fund Drive

Barrels and OFS Driver Services

Our food drive barrels and driver services are available to food drives bringing in a minimum of 300 pounds of donations per location. Each barrel holds approximately 175 pounds of donations. To schedule food drive logistics, please contact Judy Coyman at

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Food drive donations can be dropped off at Operation Food Search M-F 7:30am – 4:45pm.

Hunger Speaks

Inform those participating in food and fund drives with OFS’s signature hunger education workshop, Hunger Speaks©. This interactive presentation is available for presentation by OFS staff to your business, classroom (grade 5 and up), professional association, or faith organization. Learn about the issues of childhood hunger and family food insecurity in our region – not only how it affects all of us today, but how it will deeply affect our quality of life as a region in the future.

Workplace Giving Campaigns & Fundraisers

We make giving easy! Workplace giving campaigns and fundraisers are a great bang for your buck, saving you time and making even more of an impact in our community. Please contact Judy Coyman for a unique, secure online donation link created especially for you.


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A Food Drive Alternative: Care Kits

Providing care kit donations is a great family or team building activity and with meaningful impact in our community.

Cooking Matters Starter kit:

Download Kit Instruction Sheet
This care kit provides basic kitchen utensils so that Cooking Matters participants who lack basic cooking tools at home can continue to use the skills learned during the 6-week course.

Healthy Home Pantry kit:

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An integral part of our Cooking Matters course is meal planning, food budgeting, stocking a healthy home pantry, and cooking without a recipe. This care kit provides the core ingredients to provide a family with the basics to create nutritious, delicious meals.

Family Meal kit:

Download Kit Instruction Sheet
This kit provides a meal-in-a-bag, enough to feed a family of four. We use these kits for OFS pop-up pantries in areas of generational poverty, with our partnership with Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital, with our agencies serving families in crisis, as well as our food pantries.

Senior Care Kit:

Download Kit Instruction Sheet
This care kit provides a few treats for seniors, many of whom are further stretching their limited income by raising children. These items provide a few extravagances to these seniors and always brighten their day.

Students in Transition kit

Download Kit Instruction Sheet
This care kit addresses the unique needs of students displaced from their homes who may be living in shelters, cars, hotels, or a variety of temporary living conditions. These students have diets high in sugar, salt and fat and low in protein and fiber. They need ready to eat foods that ideally don’t require cooking, even in a microwave.

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