As a benefit to partnering with Operation Food Search, tailored nutrition education services are offered free of charge to all of our Community Food Partners. All educational services are designed with the community in mind and feature food being distributed in food pantries, soup kitchens, or shelters based on what is being distributed by Operation Food Search. These free resources are created by our nutrition education team for our community food partners. If you are looking for something in particular and it is not available here, please contact us!

Available Resources:

  1. Nutrition Nudges: A nutrition “nudge” is a small environment change in a food distribution setting, designed to make a healthy choice the easy choice. We can provide you with the print materials to implement shelf talkers, a “nutrition nook” display, or other nutrition education signage. We can either print these and you pick them up during morning distribution, or we can email them to you to print yourself.
  2. Nutrition Nook: A colorful display of nutrition education materials that is updated seasonally. Download and print these materials to post in a client waiting room or reception area.
  3. Social Media Tool Kit: Having an active social media presence may help reach a larger number of clients and spread positive nutrition messaging. Copy & post directly from this tool kit, updated monthly! Click here for November! For even more social media content, follow Operation Food Search on Facebook & share our Cooking with Carmen videos.
  4. Recipes: Having access to a recipe on how to use items makes your clients to be more confident that they will be able to use the healthy food option.
  5. Handouts: Do you have some ingredients that your clients don’t know how to use or don’t seem to take? Do you have a lot of something? We can provide you with “Cook-Store-Enjoy” flyers, educational handouts, activity sheets for kids, and more! We also display free handouts available for pick up on the white board clipboards during morning distribution.
  6. Cooking Demos & Classes: Cooking demonstrations are an effective way to improve client’s perception of how easy (and delicious!) it is to prepare a food item and are a fun way to positively interact with clients in your organization. During the pandemic, we are currently only offering these virtually. For more information, click here.

Bonus: Client choice assistance! For implementing nudges in a client choice pantry or even converting your current space to one of the client choice models, we can provide technical assistance via email, phone call, or zoom meeting! Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes or ears can bring new ideas.

For any questions or to get more information, please contact Kallie Galati, Coordinator of Nutrition Education Programs at